Textdarstellung - Titel und Text

Titel und Text




Tabelle mit 2 Kolonnen, bei der die linke Kolonne ein Titel (fett und rechtsbündig) und die rechte Kolonne ein Text ist. Dazwischen hat es automatisch noch eine leere Kolonne, also einen Abstand.


Based on article 75 paragraph 1 lit. i of the University Statutes of November 3 1997, the Senate Committee of the University issues as statutes.

Artikel 1 These statutes regulate:
  1. the general regulations of usage;
  2. the use in the library;
  3. the circulation.
Artikel 2 The library is a publicly accessible academic special library. It collects, catalogues and supplies information media in the subject areas, which are taught at the university, and preserves them for the future. In particular, it serves teaching and research at the university as well as other scientific work, further education and information.

Artikel 3 Persons aged 14 years and over are admitted to the use of the library.

Artikel 4 The use in the premises of the library is generally permitted. Persons under 14 years of age have access to the library only if they are accompanied by an adult.

Artikel 5 Admitted to borrowing are all natural persons who are residents in or have a study place in Switzerland. Furthermore all libraries, which participate in the Swiss and international interlending, are admitted to borrowing.